Staff Directory

If you are experiencing difficulty reaching us by phone, please email your inquiry, including your student ID number to Responses are generally made within one hour to one business day.

Position Name Email Phone
Director Maria Brown (919) 515-9762
Assistant Director Lorraine De Lois (919) 515-9399
Assistant Director Martha Andre' (919) 515-9507

Student Accounts           515-2986 option 3 or 4 
Position Name Email Phone
Student Account Manager Melisha Hyman (919) 515-9509
Student Account Representatives (919) 515-2986,
option 6
Wires (including Flywire), Peer Transfer, Monthly Payment Plan (TMS), Journal Entries, Reconciliations,
QuikPay, Returned Checks
Sandy Konyesni (919) 515-9505
Retro Cancellations and
Withdrawals, Change in Registration
Andrea Davis (919) 513-4280

Cashier's Section           515-2986 option 7 
Position Name Email Phone
Cashier Supervisor Marie Watson (919) 515-9938
Cashiers (919) 515-2986,
option 5

Third Party Billing           515-2986 option 3 or 4 
Position Name Email Phone
US Government and VA Allison Bennett (919) 513-4277
Non-US Government, Pre-paid College Savings, Fulbright Janet Jones (919) 515-2986,
option 6
On-campus Department Sponsored Student, GA1s, GSSP, ISTA, Tuition Remission Jason Walker (919) 515-1252

Collections Section           515-2986 option 5 or 6 
Position Name Email Phone
Perkins and Institutional Student
Loan Repayment and Tuition
Accounts Receivable Collections
Perkins and Institutional Student
Loan Repayment
Rosalie Tisa (919) 515-2986,
option 4
Tuition Accounts Receivable
Collections, SODCA, Tuition
Waivers, Written Off Accounts
Charlene Burrell (919) 515-2986,
option 4