Sponsored Students

The Sponsor Billing process allows University departments and outside agencies to pay a student's account.

*** Effective Spring 2014 the Cashier’s Office will no longer use the on-line Notice Of Sponsorship.

Sponsor Authorizations must be received by the billing due date to prevent cancellation. The student must pay any charges not covered by the sponsorship before the billing due date. (ex: Housing, Misc charges, any fees not paid)

The student remains responsible for all charges on their account until payment is received from their sponsor.

If you have questions regarding a sponsorship, please send an email to studentaccounts@ncsu.edu with Sponsorship in the subject line.

Off Campus Sponsors

If you have an authorized, off campus, Third Party Sponsor (Ex: Voc Rehab, military FTA, IBM) they must submit completed and approved documentation on company letterhead or Purchase Order/Voucher.

  • Employee reimbursements are not considered a sponsorship. Payment is due by the deadline

Off Campus Sponsorship Information

On Campus Sponsors (not scholarships)

Students who are covered by Graduate Support Plan, NCSU Graduate Fellowships or their Department must have their Advisor/Graduate Secretary complete the proper authorization.

For complete information on On Campus Sponsorships go to: On Campus Sponsorships

If you have questions or concerns about your GSSP or Departmental payments, you must contact your Advisor or Graduate Services Coordinator.