Departmental Deposits

Dunbar Procedures

Campus Departments must contact Marie Watson for all changes as well as supply orders. Departments are no longer authorized to contact Dunbar directly.

The University has determined the most cost effective way for departments located in the immediate central campus area to transmit funds for deposits to the University Cashier's Office on a timely basis is by using the authorized secure pickup service, currently Dunbar.

  1. Departments located on Main campus, Centennial Campus, Vet School, and Stadium/Arena will use the Dunbar service.
  2. Operations located at other, more distant locations should deposit funds in local depository institutions as authorized by the Cash Management section of the Controller's Office.

In order to ensure the cash collection process works smoothly for all concerned, the Cashier’s Office and campus departments will use the following procedures.

  1. Each department contact will be furnished a copy of the Site Location List that will identify the department contact and pickup information.
  2. Departments located in buildings having pickups for more than one department are strongly encouraged to work together to have pickup times coincide and consolidate pickups at a single location. This will save the departments money as well as the University. Departments using a consolidated pickup location can have the cost split between departments. Contact Marie Watson with the cost sharing information.
  3. The Cashier's Office will maintain a master Site Location List including pickup locations, building and departmental contact. This will be used to verify Dunbar invoices for services performed.
  4. The Cashier's Office pays Dunbar directly and all contact information as well as site locations must be updated accordingly. Please make sure all account information is updated so that billing information is accurate.
  5. If you need any assistance regarding Dunbar pickups, changes, account changes, billing, supplies or etc., please contact Marie Watson (515-9938 or email
  6. Departments will be charged $4.04 for regular pickups and the full contract amount for after hour pickups and/or other special service requests.
  7. The Cashier's Office will verify departmental pickup information on a quarterly basis.
  8. Deposits will not be hand-carried by departments to the Cashier's Office unless the Director of the Cashier’s Office approves an exception. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  9. The cost of any needed supplies (bags, etc,) will be billed back to the department at full cost.
  10. Pickups are based on the Site Location List submitted to Dunbar. Departments may contact Marie Watson at 515-9938 or email to make changes to service as necessary.
  11. Each department will be billed via journal voucher monthly. Departments should verify that the charges agree with the pickups being made. If a department disagrees with the amounts being charged, they should contact the Cashier's Office promptly.
  12. Questions concerning deposits or related procedures including but not limited to account numbers, etc. should be addressed to Marie Watson at 515-9938 or by email: