Welcome to the Treasurer's Office

The organizations reporting to the University Treasurer provide essential services that support the students, parents, faculty, staff, business affiliates, foundations and associated entities of NC State University.

The Treasurer’s Office is committed to the mission statement of Finance and Business:

Serving the NC State community through innovation and action
in the development and management of the University’s
physical, financial, and human resources.

Mary Peloquin-Dodd
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business and University Treasurer

Tabitha Groelle
University Program Specialist

Fast Facts

Did you know? NC State University's endowment market value as of June 30, 2013 was $769.4 million, which ranked 105 out of the 849 Endowments and Foundations who reported to NACUBO. NC State University has the fourth largest University endowment in the state of North Carolina. For fiscal year 2013, the total endowment for NC State increased 21.1% - more than double the increase shown by the five largest endowments in NC, and also more than double the average increase for the 849 entities reporting to NACUBO of 9.8%. The FY13 investment return of 12.23% exceeded the average return of 11.7% for the 849 reporting institutions.